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Answers to the most commonly asked questions are listed below. If your question is not answered below, please scroll down to view our contact information. 

  1. How much is the shipping cost?
    • To calculate the shipping cost, simply add the item in question to your shopping cart and select the “Calculate Shipping” link. After entering your state and zip code, the shopping cart will display your shipping costs. Note that any Christmas trees that measure over 6 1/2 feet tall will incur additional oversized shipping fees. This is a UPS fee that will be included in your shipping total. We always do our best to ensure we are offering our customers the best shipping rates possible, but these additional fees are set by UPS and we are not able to waive them.
  2. Can you ship me a tree larger than 8 ½ feet?
    • No. Unfortunately, FedEx and UPS will not ship anything over 101” which is just short of 8 1/2 feet. For this reason, we always cut our trees when they reach 8 ½ feet so we do not have any larger trees available even if you wanted to come and pick up your tree or arrange another shipping method.
  3. Do you ship to my state?
    • We ship via UPS Ground, UPS 3 Day Select, and UPS 2 Day to all states in the Continental U.S. We are not able to ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or anywhere outside of the U.S.
  4. When do I need to place my order?
    • We ship every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You need to place your order by 9:00AM on the Sunday before you would like your tree shipped in order to avoid Rush Harvest fees. While this is the latest time you can place your order without incurring additional fees, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you place your order in October or early November. Over the last few years, the demand for our products has increased significantly and we typically sell out of certain sizes and varieties by the end of October. When you place your order, you can specify which week you would like your tree shipped.
  5. I see your trees are sized by the foot (4’-5’, 5.5’-6.5’, 6.5’-7.5’, 7.5’-8.5’). Can I order a tree that is to the maximum of the size I pick?
    • No. Unfortunately, all trees grow at different rates and all trees are not at the maximum end of the selected size. We try to always choose a tree that is on the higher end of the range, but we cannot guarantee your tree will be at the higher end of the size range. We do guarantee that the overall tree size (from the base of the tree to the very top of your tree) will fall within the size range you choose.
  6. When will my tree be harvested?
    • We typically harvest all trees just a few days before they are scheduled to be shipped. This provides our customers with the freshest tree possible. While this is typically the case, we cannot guarantee that your tree will not be harvested earlier. We are located in Northern Michigan and we are known to get the “occasional” snowstorm or excessively cold snap in November and December. If we are anticipating weather conditions that may prevent us from harvesting your tree, we may opt to harvest your tree earlier. If you consider that most trees found at retail stores and tree lots are harvested in October, we ensure your tree will still stay fresh far past the new year.
  7. How will I know when my tree is shipped?
    • When your tree is shipped, you will receive an automated shipping confirmation email. Note that this email we be sent when your tree leaves our shipping facility. We load UPS semi-trailers at our facility and then UPS picks them up every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Please note that your tracking number will not show any active tracking information until the label has been scanned by UPS at their location when the trailer is unloaded. So even though your tree may have been shipped, it may take up to 24 hours before you can track it.
  8. What day will my tree be delivered?
    • When you place your order, you can specify the Approximate Ship Date. Please note that this is the approximate date your tree will be SHIPPED, not DELIVERED. Christmas Trees are shipped every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Typically, West coast customer’s trees will be shipped on Monday while customers located closer to Michigan will have their tree shipped on Tuesday or Wednesday. To calculate when your tree will be delivered, please visit our Shipping Process page to see the UPS Transit Time information. While the UPS Transit Time map is typically accurate, note that UPS does not guarantee transit times for UPS Ground services. Neither Brown’s Tree Farm nor UPS will be responsible for any delays in transit. Please ensure you are selecting an Approximate Ship Date that allows extra time for delivery.
  9. Can I request a wide tree or a narrow tree?
    • When you place your order, there is a “Shipping Instructions” text box. You can enter in any special requests you may have, such as “Please send a narrow tree”. While we cannot guarantee we will have a tree available to fit your specific requests, we will do our best to meet your requests.
  10. How do I request free tree boughs?
    • When you place your order, there is a “Shipping Instructions” text box. You can enter in any special requests you may have, such as “Please include free boughs”. Free boughs are based on availability. Any available free boughs will be placed in the box along with your tree. We cannot guarantee that the boughs included will be the same variety as your tree.



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